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    Andras Illes

    I have recently downloaded your Squash2 program with BlackFriday discount. Received your confirmation and licensed code on email.

    As I try to open Squash2 downloaded 11,6 MB program, it appears that "Safari Can not open because not an available application". Hope it is not a BF fraud...

    Please help what to do...

    Many thanks,


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    Dan Counsell

    Hi Andras,

    Sorry to hear you're having issues. I can assure you it's legitimate software!
    It sounds like the download may have gotten corrupt along the way.

    Here's a direct link to re-download it, this should work for you:

    If you're still having issues, you may also want to try downloading in another browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

    Hope that resolves it for you.


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