Migrating your Library to Ember 2 (alpha)




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    Phillip Jones

    Where are the website extensions for ember Alpha2 for chrome especially?

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    Dan Counsell

    Hi Philip,

    As Ember 2 is still in early development those have not yet been developed. Hopefully, we'll have more news on that sometime next year.


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    Mark B Tomlinson

    Nice to see you getting sometime to work on this great little app. The RSS feature is the main reason I prefer it to others and so looking forward to it getting some love.


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    Howdy Guys!


    I loaded Ember 2 Alpha and migrated the library. All was fine but now, again Ember 2 does not start anymore! Its shut down instantly. Tried do delete all and reinstall it – doesn't work. I really need Ember, I used it everyday and I am really lost without my structured library. Please show me some love and solve the problem for the real ember fans like me.

    I don't want to live without ember! <3



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    Phillip Jones

    I have no issues with ember 2 on High Sierra, On the other hand ember 1 (before I upgraded) would at the point of clicking to open. Start up screen doesn't even show up.

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    Zachary Chan

    Just installed High Sierra and then installed Ember 2 Alpha.  I've restored a backup from Ember 1 to Ember 2, but all of the thumbnails are blank and when I double-click any image, it tells me that "The image has been deleted and cannot be opened."

    I'm SO HAPPY to hear that you're keeping Ember alive.  I use it EVERY DAY.  It's a winner.  :-)

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    Morales Rojas Luis

    Je viens d'installer macOS High Sierra et Ember 1 ne peut plus se lancer.
    Je souhaite récupérer la Bibliothèque de Ember 1 sur Ember 2, est-ce possible?
    Merci pour votre assistance, Ember est mon programme de gestion d'images.
    Bien cordialement,

    --- --- 


    I just installed macOS High Sierra and Ember 1 can get more.
    I want to recover the library of Ember 1 on Ember 2, is it possible?
    Thank you for your assistance, Ember is my image management program.

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    Robert Frick

    Today Ember 2 alpha won't start? Some updates that made this? 

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