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    Maples Chow

    I don’t have access to use the Built-in Browser. Why?

    It says "The resource could not be loaded because the App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection"

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    Hey Dan, 

    since High Sierra my Ember did not work anymore. I loaded Ember 2 Alpha and migrated the library. All was fine but now, again Ember 2 does not start anymore! Its shut down instantly. Im sad, because Ember is a tool i worked with daily and i dont want to miss it! What can i do?


    Best Regards. 

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    It happens to me the same as Alex Due

    Is there any solution?

    Best Regards

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    Sorry but also my Ember 2 alpha crash at the start when it ask me an e-mail.

    I'm followed the instruction to migrate the library (thanks!) but Ember 2 alpha worked only at the first time.

    (I'm on High Sierra 10.13)

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    Thomas Link

    I’m excited to see the development of Ember being continued!

    Large local library imported. Works so far except the following issues:

    • Auto-Import folder doesn’t work
    • Screenshot overlays are not as smooth to move and window shot won’t highlight the proper area
    • Shortcuts for screen capture don’t work
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    Matt Trienis

    Completely broken on new sierra update. Crashes every time it's open. Come on guys, what is going on?

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    Guys please fix this! We need Ember!

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    Joakim Lindblom

    Ooh no, Ember 2 alpha crashes at the start since updating to Sierra 10.31.1.

    It worked before and I followed the instructions.

    Great work, plz fix the bug soon! =)

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    Matt Trienis

    Hellllloooo???? When are you fixing this? Your product has essentially been broken since the last OSX update! What kind of impression do you think you're leaving with current customers not to mention potential? Not even an update to address the issue, you have a great product but clearly, you care little about your customer base. 


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    Dan Counsell

    Ember was discontinued and we no longer sell it (and haven't done for a long time). Ember 2 is very much a side project, we work on it as time permits, right now we're really busy with RapidWeaver related projects so I can't say when we'll have the next Ember update out.

    Sorry I don't have better news for you.

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    Realmac seems to give a fuck about ember clients. 

    Does anybody know a good alternative to ember?

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